When you try to board a moving train

When you try to board a moving train

Some years ago, I was studying engineering in Amravati. The city-cum-village was situated near my hometown, Nagpur – a train journey takes 3 hours. Thus, I would frequently return home.

One night, when I was going to Amravati by train, I experienced an adrenaline rush.

It seemed like a regular trip (so far). Being a lone passenger, I was listening to music on the earphones. Midway down the journey, the train took its usual halt at one of the stations. It was supposed to be 2-minute halt. Driven by an urge to snack, I got off the train.

Back then, I was teenage. My preferences were crystal clear. I wanted to be cool (than responsible). So, I didn’t turn off the music.

Walking to the closest stall, I asked the shopkeeper for a packet of chips. He held three packets in his hand and asked me which flavor I wanted. Usually, I was very clear about my preferences, but those options put me in a dilemma. Taking a few seconds, I made my mind. The shopkeeper laughed a little bit when I gave him money.

As I turned back, the train was moving. Because of the loud music on the earphones, I couldn’t notice when the train started to move. I panicked. I threw away the chips packet and got ready to board the moving train instinctively. But, it had picked up the speed.

Each coach of the train was zooming past me. I saw the last coach moving speedily towards me. It had a steel rod on both the sides of its entrance. That was all I could see. I didn’t see a person standing there, flashing the green light.

Grabbing hold of the steel rods, I lifted my legs and tried to pull myself inside the coach. While doing so, I kicked the person standing there in the stomach.

Fortunately, I did board the moving train in one piece. When I looked at the person, he was lying on the floor, gasping for breath. After all, he had received a flying kick in the stomach.

I apologized to him in a casual manner, since I was more exhilarated than guilty. But, I did feel bad as I remembered his eyes nearly popping out when I accidentally kicked him.

After catching his breath, he got up. I thought everything was okay as I had said “sorry”. Proving me wrong, he grabbed me by the neck, bent my head down and started slapping me on the back – the music was still playing on the earphones.

I found myself apologizing to him on a loop. I even clarified that I wasn’t any useless fellow and that I was studying engineering – I didn’t know why I said so. Thankfully, he stopped. I told him it was an honest mistake. But, he said nothing.

Untill the train took its next stop, I remained silent, looking at the incident from his perspective. Well, at one point, he was doing his job. Then suddenly, he got kicked in the stomach. It must have been funny (and awful too).

At the next station, while leaving, I apologized to him again. He didn’t say a word.

When I returned to my actual coach, I thanked God to see my luggage there.

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