When my crush made it almost impossible for me to breathe

When my crush made it almost impossible for me to breathe

A few years back, I was doing summer internship at Genpact, Gurgaon. My two month project was in Human Resources.

Apart from me and my boss (the lady I was assigned to), there was one extraordinarily beautiful consultant in our team. She was half British-half Indian and really, really hot. On the very first day when I saw her, I got a huge crush on her.


So, every day at the office was fun since it was only three of us in one small cabin, with hardly any work for me other than staring at her. Every morning I used wake up before an alarm bell to reach the office before my boss could – so that I could be alone with her just for a few minutes. It didn’t happen for quite some days.

But one fine day, the universe granted my wish. The boss was coming to the office post lunch – my crush informed me. I started jumping in my head.

Finally, it was just the two of us in that cabin. It was so damn difficult for me to hide my elated mood. But, I somehow managed to act nonchalant. I wanted to start a conversation. It had to be not related to work. No topic was coming to my mind since I had the best distraction in the world sitting in front of me. So, I enjoyed just gazing at her.

Suddenly, an unpleasant pungent smell (a bit familiar) made its way into my nose.

Let me state one characteristic of this smell. We can tolerate this smell as long as we are making it. But when someone else has anything to do with it, the same smell makes us look for a fresh air.


It was obvious that she was the culprit since I had not done it and there was nobody in the cabin apart from the two of us. The cabin was air-conditioned. So, the smell lingered inside.

It was an awkward situation. On one hand, I couldn’t go out as she would have noticed that it was because of her I’m leaving– which would have embarrassed her. On the other hand, it was getting really unbearable inside.

When I looked at her, she was glued to her laptop screen, pretending like nothing happened at all. In her defence, she had the right to blame the nature or perhaps the dinner that she had the last night. The smell remained inside the cabin for three minutes – I did count. It felt almost like eternity.

From that day onward, every time when I would see her, these three minutes would flash in front of my nose.

P.S. She was married (it just stopped bothering me after this incident).

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