When ‘mispronouncing a word’ makes you sound ridiculously vulgar

When ‘mispronouncing a word’ makes you sound ridiculously vulgar

By- Zhukov Oleg / Shutterstock

In 2011, I got an admission to IIM Udaipur. There were 57 students in the very first batch. Being pioneers, we witnessed everything getting established in front of us: clubs, committees, and many things.

‘Hopyard’ was one such thing. It was a small store for the hostelites, where one could buy packaged snack foods and stationery stuff.

Hopyard was run by all the eight girls in our batch, since it was their idea.

An empty room at our hostel was turned into the store. On its inauguration day, I went there to buy a packet of Lay’s. To my amazement, I turned out to be the first consumer. Apart from all the eight girls, some four boys were also present there. Celebrating the first sale at Hopyard, we all had the photo session.

Moments later, when I was watching ‘Friends’ in my room, my neighbour shouted my name. Quickly eating the remaining half packet of chips, I went to the next room – similar to ‘Joey’, even I didn’t like sharing food.

One of the eight girls (Let’s call her X) was showing the pictures from Hopyard to both my neighbours. She asked me to join them as I was in those pictures.

As I was looking at the pics, I noticed something and said it out loud – which I shouldn’t have said. Actually, in the pic, it looked like X had an extra tooth on both the sides. That was all I wanted to say, but I said:

“I didn’t know you had two extra tith”.

Instead of pronouncing ‘ee’ in the teeth, I shortened it, which made it sound like tit.

Unaware of the pronunciation blunder, I continued looking at the pictures on her mobile. I even made a joke about me being the first consumer at Hopyard.

She was looking at me, all confused whether I mispronounced the word or I was being an a**hole. Thankfully, soon, she realized the other-word-sentence didn’t make any sense.

If it had made any sense, I would have been dead.

Months later, when we became good friends, she told me about the entire scenario from her perspective.

I didn’t admit saying any such thing at first, but, eventually, I did.

P.S. We all commit mistakes. I only admit it (publicly).

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