When I had to visit police station after watching a movie

When I had to visit police station after watching a movie

This incident goes back to the time when a Hindi movie “Ghajini” was released. The Aamir Khan starer had created a huge buzz.

Back then, I was studying engineering in Amravati  – one more degree that I have in my collection.

Being a movie buff, ‘watching a movie in the theatre’ was one of the basic needs for me.

Thus, my friend Suresh and I went to a single screen theater to watch the movie – the city didn’t have any multiplex.

People had mobbed the theatre as if there was no tomorrow. As balcony tickets were sold, we had to buy Reserve tickets.

As there was half an hour for the show, everybody was waiting for the main door to get opened. Tired of waiting, people started banging the door with their hands – usual scenario at the Reserve.

I was wearing a cargo pant and a shirt. Being in the moment, I completely forgot that I had kept my mobile in my pants front right pocket, which had a broken zip.

The moment the door was opened, people started rushing in crazily. We as well joined them.

All of a sudden, when I was going in, I sensed a hand in the same pocket. Someone was trying to steal my mobile. I tried grabbing his hand. But I was so crowded that I could barely move my hands. I couldn’t even turn back and look at the culprit.

With all my might, I tried reaching the pocket. It was empty. My first mobile was gone.

Still checking my pocket in disbelief, I informed Suresh. He took out his phone and dialed my number. It was switched off. I was wondering if the thief would still be in the theatre. But no thief would stay at the same place after stealing something.

Suresh suggested that we should go to the police station. But I had lost the hope of getting my phone back. Plus, we had bought the tickets for the show. I didn’t want him to miss the movie because of me.

And watching it could elevate my mood. So, we watched the movie.

Being a revenge drama, it influenced me to take a necessary action for my lost mobile. Thus, we went to the Police station afterwards.

At the Police station, we sat across a Police Inspector to register our complaint. I informed him about my stolen mobile.

First, he enquired about the place where this incident took place. I told him it happened just down the street. Then, he asked me the time when it happened. It must be around 6 pm. I informed him. In surprise, he looked at his watch. It was 9 pm.

He couldn’t understand why it took me 3 hours to reach the Police station, if this incident took place right down the street.

I told him I watched a movie.

Unable to believe his years, he managed to utter just one word: “What”. Before he could judge me, I narrated him the entire incident. He started laughing at me.

Calling his subordinates, he told them that even though my mobile got stolen, I preferred to watch a movie. He was laughing while pointing his finger at me. His subordinates also joined him.

I did not like it. Widening my eyes, I tried to justify myself and said:

“It was ‘Ghajini’”.

P.S. I was watching the movie for the second time.

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2 thoughts on “When I had to visit police station after watching a movie

  1. Nicely written..though I felt you shouldn’t have given up the suspense already…few alterations in story telling might help you to create a better mood and hook up the readers interest…otherwise well done and keep it up…

  2. I think you are talking about the title. It is meant to generate the curiosity among readers so that they read the particular post. Only if they were interested enough to read everything that I write. Anyways, thank you for the suggestion.

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