Girls will be girls

Girls will be girls

One morning, when I was in class 12, I was going to college by my scooter. It was the same, familiar route.

Like everyday, I took a left turn at an accident-prone square, leading to a narrow road. The road was so narrow that it didn’t have a road divider.

When I took the turn, I saw a middle-aged woman driving her Scooty on the wrong side of the road. She wasn’t looking straight ahead as she was checking out the footwear store on the roadside. And she was moving towards me.

Slowing down the scooter, I honked the horn. The moment she saw my scooter at 10 feet, she panicked. Instead of applying her brakes, she accelerated her scooty towards me.

To avoid the collision, I turned right. But she turned to her left, as if she was reluctant to avoid the collision.

Boom! We both fell on the road.

It felt like I was punished for being on the correct side of the road.

Several passers-by helped us get up. Afraid of getting scolded at home, I looked at the scooter first. As expected, its headlight was smashed.

I felt like shouting at the woman. But when I looked at her, she was in pain as she had got some bruises on her arms. I had got bruises too, but I was a young boy.

I was about to ask her if she was okay, when she said:

“You were driving too fast. Is that why your parents gave you a vehicle?”

I was feeling bad for the woman and all she had to offer was ‘sarcasm’.

Me: “No, aunty. You were driving on the wrong side”.

Out of nowhere, three random girls came and started backing her.

One of the girls: “These boys are careless, aunty. They drive as if the entire road belongs to them. And they never accept their mistake”.

My reaction: Who are these girls?

Amid these accusations, I couldn’t recollect why it was the woman’s fault. I was about to give in when, fortunately, some observant auto rickshaw guys came to my rescue:

“Madamji, don’t blame the boy. Despite being on the wrong side, you weren’t looking straight ahead”.

Oh Yeah! That’s why it was her fault.

The girls looked frustrated since they couldn’t get the better of a “careless” guy. They all started leaving.

Before they could disperse, I shouted: “Excuse me”.

The girls and the woman looked at me suspecting a trouble.

I Walked towards the woman and bending down, I retrieved the indicator from the front rack of her scooty.

P.S. The right indicator of my scooter (which was broken during the collision) had fallen into the front luggage rack of her scooty.

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